ART: Mankind, The Gardener

This piece was directly inspired by a psychedelic mushroom session. The passage written at the bottom was something I scribbled-down while in the depth of the effects. I wasn’t really composing these words myself, they were ‘just coming’ with an irresistable order to “Write this down”. These particular words came among many other commandment-like messages, all relating to plants and the sacredness of the Earth. Come to think of it, it was a pretty biblical experience!

The idea for the image arrived quickly, once I sobered-up and reviewed my notes. I had fun with hiding many subtle elements thoughout the scene, because it’s intended to be viewed as a poster-sized print. Can you spot all the creatures here?



ā€˜iā€™ is an Ayahuasca apprentice, podcaster, and writer ā€“ Currently working at a dieta center near Tarapoto, Peru.


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