#079 – Apple Wisdom

Some foundational thoughts and lessons about life, which can be learned from a simple apple. Grab an apple and have a listen!


Post-episode extra thoughts:

It occurs to me that the same dynamic discussed about apples and fruit here, also applies to the dynamic of the flower that comes before the fruit… More specifically the relationship between flowers and pollinators, like bees. In the same way the plant goes to much investment into creating a delicious fruit, a plant also gives away a lot of its energy to pollinators in the form of delicious, life-sustaining nectar, again only asking an easy favor as a caveat; help spread my pollen, so that I can make fruit and seed. Once again the enormous generosity of plants, in giving the bees so much precious energy, creating amazing shapes, colours and smells to attract them, and only asking in return “Help me reproduce in health, with no real cost to you – especially considering the value of the gift I created, to convince you.”

Plants can be seen as ‘master-manipulators’ of animals, but it’s undeniable that what they give away to move us is extremely generous. All things considered, masters-of-generosity is a more apt description. Remember that about them, and repay the good-system in every way you can.

And finally, just like a tree keeps creating and dropping fruit whether or not there are animals around to eat them, so do I keep fruiting episodes and tossing them into the internet with hopes it’s feeding someone out there. It’s just what I do. Please feed this generous tree by donating to my PATREON.

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