‘ C O N T A C T ‘

Visionary Photoshop Painting By ‘i
Ayahuasca Art(  Click Image To Enlarge  )

The Ayahuasca relationship is one of gradual trust. Step-by-step the medicine always probes closer, deeper, digging always towards the deepest core of your mind, heart and soul. All along the way, you’ll throw-up many walls: Distrust. Fear. Doubt. Questioning. Resistance. Let this image share a glimpse of those gentle yet powerful moments of contact, which wait on the other side of those obstacles.

Keep at it – Work those barriers – Make that -CONTACT-!



(Gracias a todos! Always to Maestro Orlando, my sensei on the apprentice’s path, and my PATREON supporters without whom I wouldn’t have any visions to paint!)

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